LifeRay is a non-profit organisation that works for uplifting underprivileged communities through education, livelihood and healthcare initiatives. Founded in 2017, we have been working relentlessly as a bridge between people who need support and potential resources that can help them. We believe that providing the right opportunities to even one person can help build a community around them.

Giving back to society is the lifeline on which Liferay was born. Bobby Balachandran is the person behind Liferay. He is the Founder of the successful software company Exterro which has grown significantly over the years to accommodate over 1000 employees. Bobby wanted to give back to the society that gave him so many privileges and thus the ethos of Liferay was conceived.

Three Pillars of Liferay!

Mission : LifeRay envisions being a global social innovation architect, providing novel & impactful solutions to the developmental challenges of society.

Vision : Our mission is to address these developmental challenges faced by the disadvantaged sections of society through transformative practices in education, healthcare and livelihood.

Our Goal : We are committed to striving constantly to identify developmental challenges and persevere until we have found and implemented innovative solutions to handle the same.